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Children's Church.
Our kids are really important to us, and we keep them with us through praise and worship time. Afterwards, they are encouraged to attend children's church with friendly, qualified teachers to learn about Jesus and hear the Gospel message.

NHCC's nursery is available for infants and toddlers during Sunday morning worship service. Care is provided by loving, experienced & nurturing adults!

Philosophy of Ministry.

NHCC Children’s Ministry exists to help children know, live and share Jesus Christ in a safe, creative and age appropriate way. Our purpose is to help parents bring up their children in the knowledge of the Lord.

Phase 1:
• Create a safe, loving and caring learning environment

• Build a strong prayer base
• Build a team of teachers
• Build a team of teachers aides and helpers
• Communicate the truth of God’s Word

Phase 2:

• Help the children develop a prayer relationship with the Lord

• Equip the children to begin a daily devotional walk with God
• Provide opportunities for Christian fellowship

• Guide the children to understand the value of worshipping God
• Introduce various Christian materials that parents can use at home     with their children
• Continue phase 1


Phase 3:

• Help the children learn a simple way to share their faith with friends 
• Provide opportunities for the children to invite friends to hear the

• Get involved with serving others and God
• Provide opportunities for parents to share ideas with each other

• Continue phases 1 and 2

• Go above and beyond all that we can ask or think with God’s help

It is our desire that the end result of NHCC Children’s Ministry will be that each child will have accepted Christ as Savior, will exhibit a walk with God, will choose to serve Him, and will tell others about Him.






































Policies & Procedures.

Volunteer Qualifications:

      ● Six Month Rule Volunteers should only be permitted to work with youth or children after they have been attending New Hope Community Church for six months. (This may be waived for college students from Philadelphia Biblical University)

      ● Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

      ● A minimum age requirement of Junior High student, 6th grade for helpers

      ● A minimum age requirement of 18 years old for teachers

Worker Screening:


      ● Each children’s worker needs to fill out our Volunteer Service Booklet.

      ● Need two (2) written references (Personal and Prior Service)

      ● Need one(1) telephone reference that will be called

      ● After booklet is turned in, an interview will be conducted with a church staff person

      ● Volunteer will watch and complete the paperwork for “The Guardian.” (our video training for child abuse)

      ● A criminal background check will be performed on each volunteer

Two Adult Rule:

      ● There must always be 2 adults present in any classroom.

      ● If the adults are from the same family, a third person should be present. This may be a youth worker.

      ● If no substitute adult can be found, you may have a qualified youth volunteer fill in for the missing adult.

**Always make certain that touch is age-level appropriate and is for the purpose of encouragement and affirmation.
  A sideways hug, placing your hand on the child’s shoulder or head is an example of appropriate touching.

Bathroom Procedures:

      ● Always check the bathrooms prior to the children using them to make sure no one is in them.

      ● Pre-K Class: Take the entire class at some point during your time together. Bring the class into the bathroom. Do not go into a stall with
     a child alone.

      ● Children’s Church: Ask if anyone needs to use the bathroom before heading to your classrooms. Stand in the hallway and
    monitor bathrooms from there.

Sign in/ Sign Out Procedures:

Nursery and PreK:

      ● Make sure that parents sign in their children on the clipboard when they are dropped off. 

      ● Parents should take a number for themselves and clip the matching number to the child’s diaper bag.

      ● Parents should sign out their children when they are picked up. 

      ● Children should not be released to anyone but the parent that signed them in unless other arrangement have been made with you directly.

Children’s Church:

      ● Attendance should be taken in the lobby before leaving for the classroom.

      ● Parent’s signatures are needed to release a child to them unless other arrangements have been made with you directly.

General Nursery Policies:

Diaper Changing

      ● Wear Gloves

      ● Use diapers/wipes in child’s diaper bag if available.  If not, use ours.

      ● Discard diaper in trash can.

      ● Clean changing table with a “Clorox-Clean Up”

      ● Discard gloves and wash hands with antibacterial soap


      ● Wear Gloves

      ● Wash the wound with soap and warm water

      ● Cover the wound with a Band-Aid

      ● Use your judgment:  Notify parents immediately or wait until they pick up their child.


      ● Wear Gloves

      ● Wash the wound with soap and warm water

      ● Rinse the biter’s mouth with water

      ● Immediately notify both sets of parents

      ● Have the parents share with one another information on whether the children have any infectious diseases


Any child showing signs of fever, colored mucous from the nose, has vomited with in 24 hours, diarrhea, “pink eye,” or skin rashes should not be able to come into the nursery

If a situation is questionable, use your best judgment. Discuss the child’s health with the parents and then decide.

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